the artists

Henni Haselaar-Moerman

P1000630Henni Haselaar-Moerman was born in Amsterdam on 22 July 1947. She completed her study at the ‘KT/opleiding’ at Academy ‘De Schans’ in 1966. Thereafter she worked in advertising and designed fashion illustrations, dust jackets and brochures. Henni Haselaar-Moerman also paints portraits on commission in a complete style unique to herself in addition to her strong figure drawings and powerful landscapes. She also creates her drawings from nature as well as from photos and works in a variety of media including pastels, oils and watercolour.

Henni Haselaar-Moerman has exhibited in various places throughout the Netherlands, Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, Kasteel Groeneveld in Baarn,´t Spant in Bussum, Galerie Lijn 3 in Den Haag, Galerie De Stal in `s Graveland, De Trappenberg in Huizen and De Zaaijer in Amsterdam. Much of Henni Haselaar-Moerman´s work, above all many portraits, are in private collections. The Museum Hilversum and the Municipal Archives in The Hague have invested in geographical drawings from her. Henni did teach in her own art school in Hilversum for 15 years.

Henk Haselaar

foto's eigen camera 2007-juni 2008 832Henk Haselaar was born in Amsterdam on 19 June 1945. In the latter part of 1960 he embarked upon a study at the ‘Rietveld Academie’ in Amsterdam and from 1965-1985 worked as art director for various advertising companies. In 1985 Henk Haselaar established himself in Hilversum and set up on his own. There he developed his own unique 3-D technique incorporating paper, pastel, gouache and oil. He has won various prizes both at home and abroad with as well as independent as commissioned work. Henk Haselaar has exhibited widely in Amsterdam, Baarn, Brussels, London, New York and Rosenheim Germany. Many of his paintings are in privatecollections.

He also taught at the ‘School for Commercial Communication’ for a period of eight years and the ‘Hogeschool voor de Kunsten’ in Utrecht (Utrecht School of the Arts) and for 15 years in his own art school.



Atelier: Smeekweg 65 1251 VK, Laren NH